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We are always taking NEW GUESTS! Whether you are looking for a new salon home or just in town for the weekend we would love for you to visit us!

We encourage guests to CALL or TEXT us at 740.240.6373 to check on our availability before arrival.

We have a couple intake forms for NEW GUESTS that are sent to you via text prior to your service. CLICK on the NEW GUEST GUIDE above to get started making your TBM Profile.


New Guest Tour $159!

If this is your first visit to TBM, it’s your chance to try our New Guest Tour! Experience 4 of our most popular menu services from our mix and match tour menu during this 2.5 hour retreat.

spring specials starting april 1st 2022!

we are

a flat rate salon

What is FLAT RATE PRICING? It is a pricing structure well known and practiced in the UK for decades, that makes it easier than ever to know what to BOOK and what it will COST. It means,



Professional flat rates, allow us to customize service times for each guest and their needs with clear cost for the guest. Why is this important? Because our craft is variable, and a one size fits all service time and cost won’t produce the same look on two different guests. Each guest has a unique canvas and will need a unique sequence of services to get to their goal. By customizing each reservation, we ensure the artist will have the correct amount of time needed to achieve that goal with the upmost quality and care people have come to know from TBM.

At TBM we have many levels of experienced artists with our Beaux & Bridges Career Training Program. Each artist provides pricing based on their professional experience in their field with their provided services and specialties. Less experienced artists have lower hourly rates while completing their hands on training under the wing of an advanced or master artist. Less experienced artists may require longer service times while more advanced artists, have higher rates but also the added value of speed and knowledge.

Why no TIP? As professionals with a distinct scope of practice, we provide our guests with the value of our knowledge, expertise and artistry that has taken years of education, dedication, and investment to perfect. Our time and knowledge are a valuable collection, and our flat rates reflect that value so tipping becomes unnecessary. Our guests can relax and enjoy their service, one on one with their artist knowing their cost upfront and skipping the stress and pressure of “tip etiquette” at check out.



We use a hyaluronic based gel with lidocaine to strategically create natural-looking, plump, dewy lips.


Get FREE GIFT with your first Spa Service! CLAIM NOW!!


Get FREE GIFT with your first Spa Service! CLAIM NOW!!

                                    to the Beaux Monde Salon & Spa! There are many choices in our area for salon and spa services so let me be the first to say thank you for choosing us, we are so happy you’re here!

My name is Bethany Askew and I am proudly owner & founder of TBM and our Beaux & Bridges Salon Career Program. I am an Ohio transplant originally from the west coast of Oregon where I met my husband of 17 years and became mom to 5 amazing kids. Our move to Ohio was very much a leap of faith, but once we were here we fell in love with the strong sense of community and can say there is no where that has ever felt more like home. It was time to put down roots.

I have been an entrepreneurial business woman for 16 years, finally landing into the salon industry in 2011. I knew instantly I had found the industry and culture of professionals I was meant to be apart of. The creative freedom as a cosmetologist was an outlet for my deep rooted artistic cravings, but also after 11 years as a Domestic Engineer and Parental Operations Administrator, better known as stay at home Mom, I now also had a career that brought me a much needed sense of self. As my passion for serving my guests grew and I built my personal business brand, I came to realize I was still meant for more and was equally passionate for serving other salon professionals. I wanted to teach and support them, to help them be and do their best by sharing my passion, experience and creating a space for them to thrive. In 2016 I brought that dream into reality and launched my salon, originally known as Beauty Studio B after a 14 month renovation to our beautiful two story building. I did much of the work myself with much love and care put into even the smallest of details, many times with my young kids playing in the background. This space truly became an extension of our home, and I can say proudly that each guest can feel the love and warmth as they come through our doors. With our rebranding as The Beaux Monde in 2019 I have continued to reinvent, and grow further in my career then I had ever dreamed. I do still enjoy time behind my chair as a Master stylist but I am driven and invested into far more behind the scenes. Over the last 2 years I have developed our Beaux and Bridges Career Program for salon professionals. A hands on, experience building program, to “bridge the gap” between a cosmetology school education and a real life successful salon career. Out side of the salon, I work as a business collaborator using the knowledge from years of my “school of hard knocks” education & trial and error experience, to help teach business owners and salon professionals how to take control of challenging accounting tasks. Helping to reduce their time and stress spent on bookkeeping and replace it with more time practicing their passion!

With my whole heart, I thank you for your support and patronage to our salon, I hope you enjoy your time with us and I look forward to getting to know you.

did you know

we are a



With our Beaux & Bridges Career Training Program we build bridges with programs for entry level professionals in the salon industry who are licensed to earn and passionate to crate.

Encouraging and empowering artists with knowledge in business and technical know-how to thrive in their career, have intention and direction in their goals and to gain hands on experience in this amazing field.

We work with local and international businesses, colleagues in and out of the beauty industry, and mentors of many talents to make available some of the most beneficial, advanced, and forward-thinking business strategies. Our goal, to help small business unite and work together to offer the absolute best to our community.

Are you a stylist wanting to know more about our Beaux & Bridges Program?

Do you own a local business and want to know more about collaborating with Beaux & Bridges?


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