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We understand how difficult it can be to describe to your stylist the look you are doing for. At TBM, we have developed this “Pinterest Inspired” page to help guests view pre designed looks for every event in your life! 

*Disclaimer: Please understand that these images are NOT our work. Each image is picked based on the styles we provide for inspiration. Each look will vary based on Artist skill & experience. Results also depend on guest hair and skin types. 


Child's Hair & Makeup

Fun backwards braids and ballerina buns. Subtle blush is applied on the apple of the cheeks, lip gloss, and a splash of glitter also looks sweet sprinkled in their hair and on their cheek bones. This creates a lovely, soft, pretty and natural look without looking too made up. No mascara is necessary if your child tends to rub their eyes when tired. Pairs nicely with “MY GIRL” (Double french braid and pig tails) & “FLOWER GIRL” (Fun backwards braids and ballerina buns) hairstyles. 


Formal Hair & Makeup

So you’ve got a swanky formal event coming up and you want to look sensational. Don’t panic: From priming to the final touches, we’ve got you covered so that your formal makeup is red carpet-ready in no time! It’s a mix of both a natural look, but a pop for the eyes, usually some sparkle, full contour, liner and long lashes. Hair is typically a twisted & tangled modern updo or a sleeked back look. Occasions we recommend this look for: Prom/homecoming, gala/ball, Wedding, Photos. etc. Pairs nicely with “Uptown Girl” looks.


Evening Hair & Makeup

All about spicing up your everyday look. We can experiment with bright palettes that you may shy away from on a daily basis. We can also choose to play up a feature that you don’t accentuate every day, like dressing up your lips with a bold red or your eyes with a dark, smoky shadow. Includes: smokey, dark, Full contour, sultry, natural looking strip lashes, hair is usually a modern spin on the classic chignon updo. Occasions we recommend this look for: girls night out, in the city, a hot date, etc. Pairs nicely with “Hey Pretty Girl” Looks


Glamorous Hair & Makeup

Old Hollywood Glamour style, bold lip. Glam Makeup is a highly fashionable and is a prevalent symbol of femininity. It implies strong eye definition, intensely defined lips, light luminous skin, over the top shimmer, bright, beautiful colors, full contour, stylish strip lashes. Occasions we recommend this look for: Prom, Homecoming. major high end events. Pairs nicely with “RICH GIRL” (A smooth classic ballerina bun updo style) & “MATERIAL GIRL” (A casually sweet downstyle with twists) hairstyles.


Bridal Hair & Makeup

Making your bridal vision a reality on your most special day. Whether you envision a fresh, natural look or striking, bridal glamour – let’s achieve it! Our goal is to make sure that your wedding guests see you, not just the makeup you’re wearing. Messy updo textured hair, with braids and twists is currently trending for the modern bride. Allow us to create a timeless bridal look that you will admire & treasure for years to come! Elegant, feature enhancing, feminine, semi-full contour, natural or stylish looking strip lashes. 


Natural/Daytime Hair & Makeup

This look will enhance your features, rather than disguise flaws. It’s a simple approach that focuses on a few key areas – skin, eyes and lips – and brings out their best in a subtle way. We will dial down the coverage and give your skin a dewier, natural finish. Using fewer products, less time, and no complex techniques to achieve the look. Pairs nicely with “AMERICAN GIRL” (The casually textured updo perfect for any event) , “COUNTRY GIRL” (Double braided down style with beachy waves) , “JESSIE’S GIRL” (A sassy twisted fringe pulled back to a low pony tail), & “JUST A GIRL” (A sassy twisted fringe pulled back to a low pony tail) hairstyles.


Edgy & Bold Hair & Makeup

Make the rockin’ world go round with this rebellious look. When you hear the term edgy, you usually think of dark colors. With edgy makeup, we understand the importance of balance. If you’re doing a bold lip, we’ll keep your eyes relatively simple. Your natural beauty will still shine through! The look is bold, full contour, over the top, and a stylish pair of strip lashes. Pairs well with “PHAT BOTTOM GIRL” (Rock star style with cornrow braids and messy edgy curls) & “HOLLABACK GIRL” (Edgy braided mohawk & high ponytail style updo for events) hairstyles. 

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