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Our industry is taking a turn towards an exciting new trend thanks to some of the top educators and leaders, that are paving the way for change from within. Success in cosmetology is a complex and shared goal for both the employee and the employer. The beauty industry, made up of over  766.000 barbers, cosmetologists & estheticians in the US workforce in 2019, brought in around $44 billion in revenues. But yet, the industry standard in median income is still one of the lowest in the private sector averaging to be $26, 000 a year and only $12.63 per hour while the cost of a cosmetology education continues to rise and the quality of that education is decreased. On the job skill training is rare and business education is unheard of both in beauty schools and in salons after graduation. 

Large turnover of professionals changing their career, turning to cosmetology as a “fun, easy way to make a buck” are disappointed to find out that this industry is not the paid hobby they thought it would be. It is hard work and discipline, meets continuing education with a hefty requirement of business savvy. Passionate professionals with dreams of a cosmetology career are deterred and discouraged by the unbalance of  leaders established in our industry. Disappointed in the nonexistence of training, professional advancement opportunities  and financial security that is currently the trend in the beauty industry.

We say NO MORE. The owners and founders of The Beaux Monde Salon Spa are determined to change the path of this beloved industry and the passionate professionals that work within it. This means that with the help of THE BEAUX MONDE ACADEMY, our brand infrastructure of team leaders, managers and support staff we are changing what a career in cosmetology looks like from the ground up. A career with NO pricing caps and a strong tiered pricing structure to highlight all employees’ experience as they grow. In salon training, including technical & skill, business & branding, service & support training are all designed specifically for and provided to employees. 

Employees are placed within the program where experience and professional history suggests they will be successful. Each tier in the academy is structured with averaged hours, and an average duration for that tier; however, employees are also encouraged to work at the pace that best suits their learning style and career goal. 

Hand in hand with our tiers we have a detailed and thorough education program, TBM Academy. Designed to train each employee from beginner to advanced professional every detail of TBM salon procedure from technical protocol to business and career planning. A combination of in-house classes and online learning  and outsourced education by brand ambassadors and educators, events and shows. TMB founders and management work closely with educators, industry coaches and brand educators.

A profitable career has potential to be what you make of it. In addition to our tier pricing and employee service programs we offer many performance-based programs to boost your earnings and reward our employees for their hard-earned growth.





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