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If you LOVE what you do you never WORK a day in your life!


At The Beaux Monde we are extremely proud to offer employment to professionals including pre-graduate entry level Interns and Apprentices’ to Advanced & Master experienced artists. Our purpose is to provide a supportive yet challenging environment for our staff that will encourage a long and successful career in the ever-evolving beauty industry we love.

We are confident in our innovative business model, business strategies, teamwork-based salon culture and our luxurious value-rich guest experience and believe it can and will change the currently lack of career advancement opportunities in our industry.

Are you looking to start your career in cosmetology? Are you looking for a salon to be the perfect fit for your journey? We would be happy to hear from you and have you consider a career teamed up with The Beaux Monde!

It’s TIME to #thrive.

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