Signature braiding services are as custom as they come right here at The Beaux Monde!  Simply choose your favorite style and length and book your reservation. Want to ASK AN ARTIST what service is tight for you? Click the ASK AND ARTIST button and answer a few questions to help us guide you.


Choose Your Length

Tip: The longer the braids the more service time you will need for your style.

Choose Your Size

Tip: The smaller the braids the longer your salon appointment will be, but smaller braids last longer with more time between salon visits.

Frequently asked questions

How long does braid styling take?

Service times vary on the type of service and the size & length of the braids. Services can take as little as 60 minutes for a simple style or as long as 6+ hours for small, long single braids.

How often shoud I wear a braided style?

Braided styles can be protective for coiled and curly hair and can be worn as often as you wish. Braids are a benefit to many lifestyles including those that don’t have time to style their hair daily, athletes with an active schedule, and children that don’t enjoy the daily comb out. Be sure your style is not too tight, as it can lead to common alopecia issues along the hair line. If you need a break from your braids, try a loose natural twisted style or a silk press!

Can I get colored synthetic hair for my box braids?

Yes! Your synthetic hair is included in your braiding style hourly rate. If you have a color in mind, send us an inspiration picture and we can custom order your perfect color. Click the ASK AN ARTIST button to submit your inspiration photo.

How do I care for my braids at home?

Braids do need care to keep them smooth and beautiful. Make sure you sleep with your hair wrapped in a silk or satin scarf or bonnet to reduce frizz and breakage. You can rinse your braids, but they will also need thoroughly dried and styled afterwards and most of the time with the right products and scalp care rinsing is unnecessary.

Can locs be colored?

Yes! We can lighten and color mature locs once they are fully tangled. The locking process can take a few months depending on your hairs texture and home care. Coloring locs can be a fun way to change up your permanent tangled style. Color on locs can also be added with lock extensions! ASK AN ARTIST about lock extensions if you would like more information.

What if I’m unsure about the style I would like?

We are happy to help recommend the right style for you and your lifestyle. Click the ASK AN ARTIST button below to answer a few questions, send us a picture of your current natural hair and an inspiration picture you love, and we can suggest the style and the braid size you would need. Have a budget? No problem. Let us know and we will create a custom look that will fit your hair style budget.

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