the beaux monde membership

ZERO enrollment event

to tan or not to tan
is that even a question?

unlimited membership perks


> Unlimited sunless spray tans.

> Includes Dark Solution.

> Unlimited Amplify upgrades.

> Unlimited Dazzle upgrades.

> Unlimited makeup & hair brush cleanings.

> 15% off all salon product purchases.

> 15% off all other salon & spa services.

> Solution upgrades available!

Hello Glow!



$79.99 per month

> Unlimited 15 minute reservations.

> Priority booking up to 2 reservations in advance.

> 12 month commitment.

> Upgrade at any time!!



monthly upgrades

> Double Dark & Venetian $15.99

> Cosmo & Venetian Plus $20.99

> Rapid One & Venetian One $25.99

NOW - May 31st 2021!








a norvell exclusive salon

Norvell Skin Solutions, produces the #1 selling sunless systems and sunless products in the industry. As a company we are thrilled to enjoy such accolades as #1 Sunless System, #1 Sunless Solution and Top Educational Program as recognized by industry peers, and being awarded these top honors for the past 4 years by the Industry Choice Awards.

With a company mantra that has always been “Healthy Skin Tans Best!”, Norvell® offers a complete sunless system designed to prepare and nourish the skin, so clients not only experience beautiful tanning results, they also enjoy gorgeous, youthful, healthy skin

certified spray tan artists

At the Beaux Monde, our tan artists complete a Norvell Handheld Spray Tan Certification course and a TBM Salon Academy hands on instructional course to ensure their custom tan is the best tan in the land. 

We have the Solution

original formulas



The OG Solution with a golden glow. Comes with our custom sunless tan.


Our most popular Solution & Norvells #1 selling formula, this upgrade solution has a smoky violet undertone that fights aginst orange with VIO-7 anti orange formula.

Double Dark

For medium skin tones for a deep rich golden tan. 

single upgrade


dark formulas


 Venetian Plus

A darker version of the #1 Venetian solution.


A combination of Dark & Venetian formulas with the added kick of Amplify technology for great feeling tighetened skin and a boost to your tan. 

single upgrade


rapid formulas


 Rapid One

The original rapi formula that can be rinsed with warm water after just 1 hour!

Venetian One

The same beautiful violet smoky tone with a rapid formula for those on the go. 


single upgrade


My first spray tan, was a bit nervous that I would be extremely uncomfortable the whole time - NOT at all, Jasmine and Bethany were great!!!!! I already made a follow up appointment and plan to be a regular customer at TBM!!!

Jennifer Hall

Sunless Tan Society Terms & Conditions

All “Society” Members receive a 15% discount off products as well as any additional upgrade or salon and spa service that is not included in their membership.
“Society VIP” members, with 2 or more society memberships, receive a 20% discount off all products as well as any additional upgrade or salon and spa services that are not included in their membership.
Society members receive priority booking and are suggested to maintain 2 appointments booked out at all times.
Applicable membership services will be provided to the client by The Beaux Monde Salon Spa, LLC. upon request. Client acknowledges that there are no standing appointments available under TBM Memberships and the client is suggested to/ can make no more than two appointments in advance. The Beaux Monde Salon Spa, LLC hereby agrees to accommodate clients to the best of its ability in scheduling “Membership” appointments and services. In the event that a salon/spa professional and/or time of client’s choosing are not available, client hereby agrees to allow alternate salon/spa professional to perform “Membership” services when client’s standard technician is not available to perform such services for client.
Client acknowledges and agrees that TBM may, from time to time, require a change of client’s “Membership” appointment and/or salon/spa technician (at TBM’ discretion) to best fulfill its obligation to client under this agreement, and TBM hereby agrees to attempt to notify and accommodate client in such re-scheduling to facilitate client’s “Membership” needs.
Clients agree to use reasonable judgment in determining their “Membership” service needs and understand that all services are subject to safety limitations for frequency and duration. TBM reserves the right to refuse service if performing the service jeopardizes the safety & wellness of our client or staff member.
Client acknowledges that “Membership” services are restricted to the specific membership they joined and client hereby acknowledges any additional services requested by client and performed during client’s service, will be billed to client separately and paid for at time of service.
Client acknowledges that select “membership” services will have additional product charges due at the time of service. Product charges can fluctuate from service to service, dependending of the type of product used & the amount used to complete the service as consulted.
The Beaux Monde Salon Spa, LLC. reserves the right to change membership monthly rates at any time and only after 30 days’ prior written notice of such rate change to client, at which time the client reserves the right to NOT RENEW the contract before the new rates are applied and within 60 days’ of the price change notice, with written notice to The Beaux Monde Salon Spa, LLC. Client agrees the contract will automatically renew for additional periods of 12 months, at the new rate, if no written cancelation request is received.
Client acknowledges and agrees that they will be charged an NSF fee of $34.00 for any EFT monthly payment declined and $40.00 for any charge reversed. All membership monthly rates and additional fees must be current for the client to book and receive both membership services and additional services not listed in their membership agreement.
Client acknowledges and agrees that although gratuity is not required, it is a common practice in the salon/spa industry. The standard gratuity ranges from 18 to 25% of the normal service price, cash gratuity is greatly appreciated, but society member express check out is also an option for clients to gift gratuity for each membership service automatically.
Client acknowledges and agrees that they are required to give 24 hours’ notice of service cancellations. Client acknowledges and agrees that a $20 flat fee charged to their account, and paid to the provider as gratuity, should they not provide 24 hours’ notice of service cancellation.
Freeze Procedures: (The account must be current), Information required for freezing the membership agreement may be sent via email or regular or certified mail.
Freezes are allowed for medical conditions, students, personal or those called for active military duty. Proof is required for the freeze. You must send in documentation from your doctor, copy of class schedule or student’s ID or PCS paperwork.
Written notice of your request to freeze is required and the terms of the membership freeze will begin upon receipt of your letter. Freeze is permitted for up to 3 months, 2 times per calendar year.
There will be a $5.00 monthly charge which will be charged on your next regular monthly payment date before your account can be frozen. The remaining term & payments will be deferred to the end of the membership agreement.
Membership Cancellation Procedures: (The account must be current) Information required for cancellation of the membership agreement may be sent via email, regular or certified mail. Members may cancel at any time provide they pay full price for any services received minus any membership fees paid
Membership Cancellation due to Moving:
You must move your residence 25 miles or more from TBM facility. You must provide sufficient proof that you are moving. Payments will continue on the membership agreement until the sufficient proof of move is received and processed. This process can take up to 7 days.
Membership Cancellation due to Medical Condition:
Cancellation is allowed for a permanent disability or severe medical condition. Provide documentation from your physician stating you have a permanent disability or severe medical condition that prohibits your membership services. A $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged. Payments will continue until the proper documentation from your physician is received and processed. This process can take up to 7 days.

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