Are you registered to be a TBM model? Our artists are always training on the newest and most advanced services and techniques in our industry! We offer model services so that our artists can gain hands on training and experience with “new to them” services before launching. As a thank you to our guests who support our education and training program, we offer these services at a discounted hourly rate making it a great opportunity for our guests to try new services.

Some of the following services are available by specific date & time only and some are released for open booking. ALL Model services must be booked by TEXT or CALL to our Guest Services Team, online booking does not qualify.

You must first register >>>

Model Services Available!


Claim your model service from the times below by clicking on the Regiter now button! First come first serve.


11:30 AM

12 PM

12:30 PM

2:30 PM

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  • Price $28.00
  • Time 30 minutes. Must agree to 2 sessions.
  • First tan, with bronzing solution only, will not show a lasting tan after showering. This “practice round” allows the artist to get a feel of the equipment and movements with out the pressure of the live tanning solution.
  • Second tan, our Norvell sunless live tanning solution! Generally scheduled the day after your first tan. We ask that you come back to the salon 24 hours after this service so our training artist can see the results of their work after your rinse.
  • Booking models with Artist Sara Kofod. Limited space remaining.


Claim your model service from the times below by clicking on the CLAIM OFFER button! First come first serve.







  • This service includes.
  • A Lash Lift & Tint: is a technique that gives temporary curl or lift to your lashes that lasts 6-8 weeks, creating the illusion of longer fuller lashes.

    Combined with a lash color or “tint” that consists of adding a special pigment to your eyelashes giving you weeks of dark fuller looking lashes without the use of mascara.

  • Brow Lamination & Tint: brows shaped perfectly to your unique face and bone structure, then tinted with your perfect custom color creating darker fuller looking brows. Finally, we clean up and shape with our accelerated waxing technique.

Terms & Conditions

  • You must register by completing the form below to qualify and book model services. 
  • Models for The Beaux Monde Salon Spa Beaux & Bridges Training Program (BBTP), are for the continued education & training purposes of the establishment’s employees and/or educational guests. I understand all “model services” are performed by licensed professionals under the direct guidance & direction of a TBM qualified educator and/or instructor

  • Model pricing is discounted from our standard menu pricing, is subject to our standard cancellation policy, is NON-REFUNDABLE and ineligible for our service adjustment policy

  • Model Services are specific in-service type and training content with emphasis on mastering a specific skill NOT a client’s personal goal. Example: If the educational content is a “one-hour blonding” service, this model service may not be a good fit for a model who has a goal of a fully blonde look.

  • Upon completing this form I will ONLY be registered as a TBM (BBTP) Model. I may be contacted when models are being sought out for services. I also understand that I will be responsible for completing any further FORMS, HISTORIES, CONSENTS, AND LIABILITIES, that are applicable to each “model service” as I am scheduled for them.

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