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Your happiness with our professional retail products is very important to us. We emphasize education to our clients on the proper use and techniques to get the very best performance out of your retail investment. Using even professional products improperly can alter their effectiveness. Please refer to the manufacturers package directions, or contact your stylist if you are feeling you are not getting the most from your purchase and we will be glad to help you. 

Limited product returns, within 30 days of purchase, ARE accepted with Manager approval. 


At The Beaux Monde, we strive for excellence. We take extensive history on each client prior to their appointments. We perform full consultations with our clients to discuss their goals and expectations before the appointment begins. We are thorough and transparent with our pricing quotes to ensure clients know their cost without unexpected cost surprises.

You, as our client, are responsible for signing our liabilities and consent forms that state you understand and agree to our ADJUSTMENT Policy for services. If you are unhappy with your service, or the outcome was not what was discussed in the consultation, please communicate your concern with your stylist or salon management staff within the first (7) days after the service date via text message, phone call or email. You will be asked to submit photos of your service and asked in detail what you are unhappy with.

TBM management, with the client’s best interest and happiness in mind, will communicate with the provider and investigate the adjustment request. If the provider and management conclude that the adjustment is needed due to any fault of the provider or salon, an adjustment will be scheduled with the original provider, at no charge to the client.
At no time is the cost of the original service refundable, as the time and product used for the service is not returnable.

If the service met the consulted goal, and the client is unsatisfied at no fault of the stylist, all reversals, redo’s or additional services are at the cost of the client at TBM regular menu price. No refunds, exchanges, or free services will be awarded.
We thank you, for your business and your understanding. A copy of this policy can be provided to you upon request.
The Beaux Monde Salon & Spa, LLC. Management.

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